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dark0de market link

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dark0de market link

When it comes to Darknet markets that also cater to coin shifting and mixing, then you should look no further than the Dark0de market. This dark web market has everything you need from a darknet from “gray area” products to restricted services.

We’re not promoting or encouraging people to use the dark web as this dark0de market link review is for educational purposes only. However, this review could be your reference if the use of the darknet markets is inevitable on your side. You should proceed with your own discretion and risk.

Fortunately, you don’t have to visit the Dark0de market just to know how it looks like, how it works, what products are available, interface, how to register, how to connect, or anything else because we’ve resumed them all for you below.

Dark0de market Highlights

Dark0de market comes into the dark web constellation bringing new approaches through its aspects. With growing popularity so fast, the Dark0de market is renowned to implement rules and measures that are deviant from common Darknet markets you might have known. Let’s check the highlights of the Dark0de market.

The dark0de url is darkoddrkj3gqz7ke7nyjfkh7o72hlvr44uz5zl2xrapna4tribuorqi.online as this article is written. It’s not a wallet-less dark web market where upfront deposits are required. Dark0de market supports 2-FA & security PIN, multi-signature transactions, and Escrow services. The dark web platform accepts Bitcoin and Monero as the primary payment. Dark0de market’s special features including a coin mixer, coin shifter, and planned trading exchange. Almost 5000 products are currently available in the Dark0de market.

Registering An Account

Dark0de URL: http://n5h4vjwhtp6lovzq7ou6trkglwrgwmitse2i5qkx3oysbxcxfjmflgad.onion

Dark0de Link: http://n5h4vjwhtp6lovzq7ou6trkglwrgwmitse2i5qkx3oysbxcxfjmflgad.onion

Dark0de market requires you to register two usernames including one public and one private username. The registration is mandatory and you need to complete it before you can access and use the marketplace. You’d then set a security PIN which plainly works to secure your account once set. Don’t be confused with the term “Pincode ” because it simply refers to your generic security pin. There’s no payment to register your username in the Dark0de market and no need for an invitation code. You can use your registered account in the Dark0de market to browse and buy products as soon as it’s completed. No referral or invitation to register a username in the Dark0de market as it’s completely open for anyone who can access it.

Vending Account

Dark0de market adopts a three-tier vending system that requires a vendor bond of $200. You’d find three different vendor levels in the Dark0de market. However, there’s also a privilege system where the Dark0de market recognizes established vendors already existing in other Darknet markets. If you’re one of them, then you wouldn’t have to pay the vendor bond fee. The eligibility verification is fully at the Dark0de market’s decision and there’s no certainty about that.

As for vending bonds, you won’t likely be able to refund the fee. It’s likely a one-time fee that pays for your lifetime access to the Dark0de market. The good news is that there are no additional vending fees for registration or upgrading your accounts in the Dark0de market.

Available Products

There are currently more than 5000 products available in the dark0de darknet market under tens of categories and sub-categories. What’s interesting isn’t the number of listings but it’s the product diversification that deserves our attention.

Like other marketplaces, the Dark0de market’s products are dominated by “Drugs” which occupy more than 55% of the total listings. In the second place, we have the “Digital” category which is around 20% of the total products followed by civil software, databases, digital forensics, and money laundering. More product categories are also available including carding, forgery, chem equipment, APT, gold, digital, databases, motor vehicle theft, corruption, offshore services, transport, fuels, money laundering, and illegal gambling on the rise.

However, the stock availability of these products is very dynamic depending on vendors. You’d still need to browse and ensure whether they’re in stock before placing orders. Diverse product categories are the best thing you can expect from a darknet market that’s usually very limited and specified. There were times you’d have to go from one to another darknet market to have multiple items covered.

In fact, the Dark0de market has the most diverse product listings among darknet markets. If you’ve been surfing and using dark web platforms for a while you can certainly confirm this fact. You can even find truly brand new categories that have never existed in the dark web industry before. Some of these categories are mind-blowing because you’d soon find them rising demands these days.

Market Interface

Dark0de market features a stunningly straightforward user interface that’s simple and clean enough for a dark web platform. As you’ve managed a connection and accessed the main page of Dark0de market, they would display basic options including browsing product, search engine, coin shifter, mixer(not available yet). You can go straightforwardly to the tab that you really want to access whether you want to search for products or make deposits first.

Account registration is quite straightforward as you’d only need to choose private and public usernames, set the PIN codes for withdrawal procedure, and your credential passwords. The dual-username is mandatory for registering an account in the Dark0de market as it works as a protection against phishing that’s targeting most dark web users. The whole process is quite instant, just like most regular marketplaces. You’d be signed in automatically to Dark0de market once completing the registration.

Searching for products

As previously mentioned, the Dark0de market has a straightforward user interface that you can use to search for products more easily. Even though you can browse the products based on the categories available in the Dark0de market, you can straightforwardly search for particular products on their search engine and get the listings on your screen instantly.

You’d be redirected to the Amazon-like search engine results that contain three listings per row. Each listing has the picture, name of products, name of the vendor, rating, price, and the order button. If you need more information about the product before ordering it, you can simply click the product. There are also featured listings once you enter the main page, which is typically drugs, the greatest product category in the darknet marketplace.

Buying Products

Dark0de market requires you to make an upfront deposit before you can make an order in the marketplace which is pretty regular. What you need to do is add Bitcoin or Monero to your Dark0de market’s personal wallet. You can see the available funds on the Dark0de market’s main page situated on the right side box. If you click the balance, you’d be directed to the wallet page where you can make a deposit. You can use the available funds to shop for everything you need in the Dark0de market.

While the Dark0de market is a considerably safe Darknet market, you better make a deposit at the amount you want to spend for products in the market. You don’t necessarily hold your Bitcoin in the Dark0de market. From the wallet page, you can send crypto funds but only transfer your budget. In the future, there would likely be more cryptocurrencies supported in the Dark0de market.

Trade Restrictions

While the Dark0de market lists most dark web’s products and even more, the marketplace also has strict trade restrictions including illegal porn, fentanyl, terror-related products, and weapons. Unfortunately, Tutorials are still freely existing the Dark0de market without clarity on whether or not the products are legit. If you’re looking for one or more of those restricted products, you won’t find them or sell ones in the Dark0de market for sure.

Transaction Modes

Dark0de market is a game-changer for its decision to offer secure transaction modes for its users.

On-platform Escrow Services

As for traditional transactions, the Dark0de market has a reliable Escrow service to secure transactions between vendors and buyers. However, the Dark0de market also offers more straightforward transactions by using another mode, the Finalize Early. Like other escrow services, the money would be released to the vendors only if you’ve received the products and confirm the delivery. This would protect you from scammers or irresponsible vendors that target the darknet market’s users.

Finalize Early Mode

The Finalize Early refers to the upfront payment method. If you use The Finalize Early, your funds for orders would be directly sent to the vendor instead of being held in the Dark0de market’s escrow services. The funds would be available for the vendors even if you haven’t received the products you ordered yet.

While it looks like decreasing the aspect of security, the Dark0de market actually offers more flexibility for both vendors and buyers to conduct transactions. Nevertheless, The Finalize Early’s orders are vulnerable to disputes but the Dark0de market has the solution for it.

Have we mentioned the privilege? Yes, the Finalize Early is subject to qualified vendors’ privileges. Only trustworthy vendors with proven reliable backgrounds can obtain and use the Finalize Early order privileges. As for being qualified, the vendors must have a minimum rating of 4.9 out of 5 and complete a minimum of 250 orders. At this point, there’s no way scammers can be qualified for Finalize Early orders in the Dark0de market even though we can’t eliminate the possibility to zero. Unfortunately, the Dark0de market’s Finalize Early orders can’t be disputed so you better ensure the most trustworthy vendors to buy products from.

Multi-Signature Transaction mode

Ultimately, the Dark0de market allows you to enable multi-signature transaction mode which is renowned as the safest method to conduct transactions in the Darknet markets. Generally speaking, multi-signature transactions are slightly more complex than the traditional Escrow mode. It involves more than two signatures to execute the transactions that give you layered protection. The ultimate feature of multi-signature implementation is the anti-scam system that allows you to keep peace of mind when buying products from Darknet markets.

Cryptocurrency Payment

Like other Darknet Marketplaces, the Dark0de market accepts cryptocurrencies for transactions in the market. As for now, the Dark0de market accepts Bitcoin and Monero payment while it doesn’t set a minimum deposit limit for users and no privileges involved in this area. These provide you with slight flexibility when conducting transactions within the platforms compared to other marketplaces that only support Bitcoin payment.

However, the Dark0de market would require converting Monero deposits into Bitcoin if you use the cryptocurrency. Dark0de market offers a built-in coin shifter that allows instant conversion for a commission fee of one per cent from the total deposited fund. The minimum amount is 0.5 XMR to be eligible for conversion. The converted deposit would be available for transactions in the Dark0de market instantly.

If you use a BTC deposit, you wouldn’t have to convert it. You can even use, purchase, and share Bitcoin gift cards in the Dark0de market. This provides Bitcoin users more flexibility but Monero depositors should be okay with a 1%t commission fee for the coin shifter.

Security Features

Even though the Dark0de market doesn’t have the most security features, they have more than comparable new Dark Web marketplaces. Dark0de market currently has three security features including PGP-enabled 2-FA, dual usernames, and the security PIN.

PGP-enabled 2-FA

The first and foremost security feature is the two-factor authentication system that you can only enable via PGP. Dark0de market makes the PGP-enabled 2-FA mandatory requirement for buyers before they can use the marketplace. It’s a basic security step to access your account through the dark0de link previously mentioned.

Security PIN

Just like accessing your very bank account, the Dark0de market requires you to set a 6 digit security when registering your username. This provides you with layered protection when it comes to login into your Dark0de market’s account. Be sure to set the PIN that you easily remember.

Dual Username System

Dark0de market adopts a dual username system so users can gain access to the marketplace. There are two types of usernames you have to set in the Dark0de market: The public username and the private username. The private username is the one that you’d use as the credentials on the login screen while the public username refers to the displayed name to show that you’ve signed in to the same correct dark0de url with them.

Compensating with the dual-username implementation, the Dark0de market actually misses the mnemonic code which is typically used to recover accounts in the darknet markets. If you’re losing your Dark0de market accounts, you won’t unlikely be able to recover them. That’s why you must keep your credentials properly.

Promised Features

Despite the currently available features, the Dark0de market stated that there would be upcoming features that would be available pretty soon. These include coin mixer, fiat-crypto exchange, auto shopping, advanced ads, more language support, and more cryptocurrency support. Let’s have a look at them below

Coin Mixer

Despite Coin shifters, the Dark0de market is planning to add coin mixers into the platform. This cryptocurrency would enable you to deposit funds and receive cleaner coins. While we’ve mentioned that this feature is already existing but you can’t use it yet. Dark0de market will apparently enable this feature as soon as it’s ready.

Fiat-Crypto Exchange

While previously you could only make deposits with cryptocurrencies, you may be able to make deposits with fiat mode in the future. While it might be unsafe if really implemented, the fiat mode enables you to purchase or deposit supported cryptocurrencies directly without buying them in advance from other crypto exchanges. This would enhance the flexibility while reducing some degree of funding security on the buyer’s side.

Autoshopping Feature

Autoshopping feature refers to centralized vending managed by Dark0de market itself. It may allow you to buy products on listings without connecting with any vendor in the marketplace. At this point, you can buy products in the darknet marketplace just like shopping on a regular online platform.

More Cryptocurrencies to Support

Dark0de market is planning to support more cryptocurrencies including ETH, BCH, XRP, ADA, LTC, ZEC, DASH, and BTCP. If Dark0de market really implements a wider range of crypto payments, it would easily outperform existing darknet markets currency available.

In general, these features are still absent in most Darknet markets even though some of them have the same plans. Once Dark0de market has these features, more users would switch to this marketplace due to the complete features. We still don’t know when and how these features are implemented in Dark0de market, but it has a great potential to develop further for sure. As for now, no Darknet marketplaces have these features so Dark0de market can be the game changer.

Buyer Requests

Unlike most Darknet marketplaces, the Dark0de market has allowed you to use the Buyer Request feature. You can use this very feature to request products that aren’t currently available yet in Dark0de market. It’s certainly a convenient way to request something you really need from a Darknet marketplace but unfortunately, this feature comes with a price.

Dark0de market has so-called paid accounts that come in two tiers. You’d have to buy one of those paid accounts as an additional cost to make a buying request. While Dark0de market is still in the BETA version, you can use Buyer Request features at this very moment with no problems. Anyway, you can simply request products you really need to the Dark0de market and see whether it becomes a common request and be available soon.

The account is priced from $15 to $20 that includes the $5 account price and gift card that you can use on Dark0de market. While it looks pricey, you can take a chance of getting products that you might find anywhere else. On the other hand, the gift card is spendable for shopping them later.

Buying and withdrawal

Dark0de market charges buyers and/or sellers in several ways despite the paid accounts we’ve previously mentioned. Dark0de market charges a 3.5% transaction fee to both the vendors and buyers for each trade that makes them earn a total of 7% commission fee for each transaction. Despite the transactions, Dark0de market also charges a 2.5 commission fee for withdrawals as well. Be considerate when conducting transactions or making withdrawal on Dark0de market.

As we get through Dark0de market highlights, we can find advantages and disadvantages about using the marketplace. You can then decide whether Dark0de market is the dark web marketplace for you.

Advantages of Dark0de market

1. Have extensive range of products that are unavailable or rarely found in other marketplace

2. The in-stock availability is quite fair

3. It has good, even though not advanced, security features and measures

4. Built-in coin shifter with upcoming fiat-crypto trading exchange and coin mixer

5. Buyer request feature

6. Privilege system to filter trustworthy vendors


1. Charge a lot of fees on both sides

2. Vending isn’t free

3. XMR needs to be converted to BTC firs for payments

Regardless of the advantages and disadvantages, you should proceed with your decision to the Dark0de market at your own responsibility. Using Dark0de market or other Darknet Marketplaces to buy illegal products could be illegal in your state or country. Use your discretion and consider the risks when deciding to use such a dark web marketplace. Our review on the Dark0de market is for educational purposes only and we’re irresponsible in legal or financial terms for any practical use or access to the dark web marketplace.


Dark0de market is an uprising dark web marketplace that offers rich features and other advantages unavailable in even established marketplaces. The only, but major downside of using the Dark0de market is that it charges fees to both sides. As for high-frequency traders, the Dark0de market could be costly.

When it comes to interface, what the Dark0de market has is quite straightforward. It captures the user’s interest and behaviour by allowing them to browse and search for their products very effectively. The search result or the listings are well-displayed as it contains basic information that every buyer is eager to know and proceed with their purchase decisions further. While it’s not sophisticated, the Dark0de market offers a quick way to find products in the Darknet market.

However, everything comes with a price, Dark0de market has everything you need that you can expect from a dark web platform. It has the most diversified products available in a single platform and the most complete features even though some of them are still upcoming. Dark0de market’s plan to feature a trading exchange could be the first time in the Darknet industry.

As for a Darknet marketplace, the Dark0de market has respective Privacy Policies and transparency like regular marketplaces. You can also use the buyer request feature to request unavailable products in the Dark0de market. However, it would be better if Monero payment can be directed instead of being converted first to Bitcoin which is less efficient. On the other hand, the Dark0de market would need to improve the stock of products even though it’s currently okay.